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  • They SOLVE just like playing Pictionary, it is volcanology visual communication! Volcano men set in middle of volcanoes!

    EXAMPLE: If you see a man with a chefs hat set
    within a ring of various baked goods, the concept would be a baker and bakery

    1. So if you see a man made of volcanic rock with
    an erupting scoria lava hat set within a group of volcanoes the obvious idea
    would be volcano man and volcanoes thus : Volcanologist and advanced

    They are carved of volcanic rock, most from the actual wall of a volcano, the hats are dried erupted lava *scoria*… Bring the hats alive and children say the answer easily ” volcano man”, its that easy, thats the answer! Volcano man is only one thing in visual communication vulcanologist! Dormant, erupting, and still creating! Its an ideogram, the ENTIRE island!