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Josh Wagner is a sophomore with vague inklings of majoring in something humanities. He enjoys verbalizing people's actions back at them and narrating his own wanderings from East Campus to CoHo.

The long present

I do the same thing every morning. And I convince myself that I don’t. Surely, I can’t have been going through the same actions, in the same order, for the past four weeks, the past... Read More »

The face of another

I can’t remember faces. Whether it’s someone I quickly met waiting in line at Coupa or a friend from my freshman dorm, I have trouble placing faces, especially from a distance or if they are... Read More »

Living with art

I want to live with an original piece of art. Sleep underneath it. Solve p-sets within arm’s reach. Feel its presence as I attempt to find a matching pair of socks. And the easiest place to find art... Read More »