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The Daily is currently recruiting for Volume 252!

Want to interview Condoleezza Rice, watch the Rose Bowl Game from the press box or capture Coachella from the photo pit? Apply to join The Stanford Daily! Our staff create the hub for Stanford-related news, represent the voices of the student body and form a window into the Farm for a broad print and digital audience.

Come visit the office and meet our editors at The Daily building on Thursday, September 28 at 9 pm!

Lorry Lokey Stanford Daily Building
456 Panama Mall Stanford


News reporter: From campus life to groundbreaking research, help us to cover what’s going on around the university and local area.
Photographer: Photograph our scenic campus, Olympic athletes, world class speakers and more! Publish your work in photo galleries in the magazine or above the fold on the front page.
Opinions columnist: Write weekly or bi-weekly about what matters to you. Make your voice heard!
Videographer: Join our multimedia and Snapchat teams in creating accessible content in the modern media age.
Copy editor: Love grammar? There is always a place for this fundamental function in media.
Sportswriter: Whether it’s football or synchronized swimming, we’ve got top notch athletes and sports teams. Get all access passes and dive in to Stanford Athletics. Love sports but no writing experience? No problem.
Lifestyle writer: Join The Grind, Stanford’s premier lifestyle section, for an outlet to write about your experience with campus culture. From listicles to first person narrative, we want your perspective.
Social media expert: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all a key part of our operations. Help us grow our social media following!
Programmer: This is Stanford, and from our website to our app to data-based stories, we could always use more tech help. Put your CS skills to good use and get applied experience early.
Marketer: While we wish we didn’t have to operate as a business, we run off of ad revenue. Join us for a hands-on business and marketing experience!
Arts writer: If you like free movies or food, this section is for you. We cover campus performances, local productions and more! Let your inner arts buff out.
Graphic designer: From our gorgeous magazine to our Snapchat features, there’s always room for designers at The Daily.

Click HERE to apply!

All applications are due at 11:59pm on 10/01/17

Everyone applicant is guaranteed a spot, but certain sections are more selective.

We are always accepting freelance submissions to our Opinions Section (opinions@stanforddaily.com).

If you are interested in working on The Stanford Daily business team email coo@stanforddaily.com.

Please email eic@stanforddaily.com with any questions or comments.

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