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Op-ed: An open letter to Honorable Aaron Persky

An Open Letter to Honorable Aaron Persky

Dear Judge Persky,

You have stated publicly that if you are removed from the bench other judges will be intimidated and in the future render decisions according to public opinion rather than the rule of law. With all due respect, your honor, you are mistaken — for two reasons

Firstly, you have raised a false dichotomy. This is not an “either/or” proposition. Public opinion is not always contrary to the rule of law.

Secondly, the rule of law did not dictate to you the sentence you gave Brock Turner. The rule of law gave you a range of sentencing options. You selected one. Unfortunately, the one you selected did not comport with public opinion.

It was public opinion that put you on the bench, your honor. This community made you a judge because we believed you shared our values and would apply the rule of law in conformance with our values. We have witnessed you apply the rule of law in a manner that does not comport with our values and so we will remove you from the bench.

May I suggest that, instead of resisting your recall, remove yourself from the bench. Order yourself to 12 months of community service in an agency helping women who have been victims of sexual assault. Upon completion of service and proof of rehabilitation, run for re-election. You just might win.


Mary Enright, Mountain View