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Letter to the editor: Persky recall and frat culture

To the editor:
I graduated from Stanford in 2013, where I was an active leader in Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Stanford Greek life more broadly. As such, I’m intimately familiar with the cycle of recklessness and impunity that characterizes Stanford frat life. It is a cultural world that, through various institutional and interpersonal means, frequently signals to impressionable young men that they can do anything they want. Year after year, I watched these young men test what their privileges can allow them to get away with. And I’ve seen how this testing of limits is often carried out to the detriment of women, with reliably meager consequences.
When we vote to recall the judge in the Stanford swimmer case this June, we will do what Judge Persky has repeatedly failed to do but is so desperately needed: signal to elite men that there are consequences for their actions.
Dane Bratz ’13
 San Francisco


  • skeptical1776

    Dane, I think I do remember you! You used to be the party star, right, the one who was pushing us to push boundaries further because “the ho’s deserve it”. You, if I remember correctly, were actually leading the way to debauchery, like the real pro you were, despite our efforts to temperate you.

    What happened to you? Did you become a Jehovah witness or something? A Mormon? A Muslim?

    Kudos to you either way, but perhaps you should start your crusade (or jihad) by apologizing to your many victims.

    I understand some of them are filing Title IX complaints against the likes of you, as we speak.

  • FE0017

    SKEPTICFAL! I knew you were not only a women’s hater; you are also other religions’ hater. I bet you are one of those that believe all Muslim are terrorists and also lack understanding about other religions. The one that has to start apologizing is you about all the stupidity you have shown online. FYI: Freedom of religion is also a constitutional right!
    On June 5, 2018 VOTE YES to recall judge Persky and RAPE CULTURE!

  • Cali_Hobo

    Judge Persky presided over a case where I was awarded fairly for a car accident where another driver was at fault. In past small claims cases I have had, I’ve gotten a raw deal from other judges. If evidence is not in perfect order, then nothing. I believe small claims, civil law, works on a pre ponderance of evidence system. Judge Persky in my eyes is not confused on this matter. I think he is a fine judge and I bet most if not all who decry his name were not at the trial , where all evidence has to be heard. They made their verdicts based on what fragments the media feeds.