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Brian Contreras '20 is the Desk Editor for Student Groups. A sophomore studying STS and Anthropology, he hails from Washington, DC and hopes to pursue a career in tech or policy journalism. He is also interested in satire, backpacking, sci-fi, running, and using Oxford commas (no matter what AP Style says). Contact him at brianc42 'at' stanford.edu.

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Ellie Bowen is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, studying Symbolic Systems and English Lit. Here on campus, Ellie works as a Senior Staff Writer, researches vision in Kalanit Grill-Spector’s Neuroscience lab, and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. When she’s not spending inordinate amounts of time at the Daily building, Ellie loves to read National Geographic, play the piano, and defiantly use oxford commas.
  • matt10023

    I guess Dake likes the guilty by accusation approach of Title IX. Clearly the criminal court system, with inconveniences like rights for the accused and expectation of evidence are for plebeians. She’s a college woman. Damn it, she should get special treatment.

  • ytzpzvgk

    Wow. Just wow.

    If this becomes the standard way to proceed, I would like to file several cases myself. Of course I’m a male and the perps were females, but I would like to believe that won’t matter. They thought they were being seductive, I’m sure, but it now looks like it should be categorized as assault.

    Let a thousand cases bloom.

  • momof3kids

    What a ridiculously stupid waste of time for the university. Eight years it took her to decide something bad happened to her. She’s within the statue of limitations in California for rape. Take the complaint there if she’s looking for revenge aka justice. It’s sad also but hopefully cathartic for her to write letters and call people she’s not had contact with for so long. I hope she can find some peace and I hope none of the people she wrote physical letters or emails contained accusations that could find her outside the law.