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About Brian Contreras

Brian Contreras '20 is the Desk Editor for Student Groups. A sophomore studying STS and Anthropology, he hails from Washington, DC and hopes to pursue a career in tech or policy journalism. He is also interested in satire, backpacking, sci-fi, running, and using Oxford commas (no matter what AP Style says). Contact him at brianc42 'at' stanford.edu.

About Ellie Bowen

Ellie Bowen is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, studying Symbolic Systems and English Lit. Here on campus, Ellie works as a Senior Staff Writer, researches vision in Kalanit Grill-Spector’s Neuroscience lab, and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. When she’s not spending inordinate amounts of time at the Daily building, Ellie loves to read National Geographic, play the piano, and defiantly use oxford commas.