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Student reads relatable tweets: a Jimmy Kimmel spinoff

Twitter is my favorite form of social media. The meme quality is unparalleled. The content is ever-so relatable. It keeps me in the political loop. And I can send out daily life updates to all 100 of my followers if I so desire, without any fretting over the number of likes or retweets I’ll get.

That being said, not all tweets are created equally. Some are funnier than others; some are more clever; some are more relatable. There’s an account called “@CollegeStudent” with 1.88 million followers. Let me take you through some of their tweets, and, as college students, you can evaluate just how relatable they are yourselves. I’ll get the ball rolling, though.


“College is a never-ending to do list. If you ever think you have nothing to do, you probably are forgetting about something.”

College is indeed a never-ending to-do list, but I have yet to actually sit and think to myself that I have nothing to do. I know I have things to do. Do I do them? That’s a different question. So if I were to ever stumble across such a feeling, I would know that it’s a lie right off the bat.


“I don’t always have time to study, but when I do, I still don’t.”

Complaining about not having time to do work, and still not choosing to do my work even when I seem to have the time? Sounds like me.


“As a student the most comforting words you’ll ever hear are ‘I haven’t started either.’”

Well, you know what they say. Misery loves company.


“Kids in high school were so judgmental. In college you could literally see someone riding a unicycle in a dinosaur costume and you would think they’re the coolest person ever.”

While I have never seen someone riding a unicycle in a dinosaur costume here, I have seen someone riding a unicycle, and I have seen too many dinosaur onesies to count. Stanford is the unofficial ruler of wheels and rally gear.


“Remember when you thought people in their 20s were adults … now we’re all in our 20s just kinda fumbling around bumping into things looking for food.”

I’m not in my 20s, but even at 18, I doubt I’ll get my life together in 2 years. What does it mean to file your taxes? I don’t really know.


“College will really have you doing dumb stuff like setting an alarm for a 14 minute nap.”

I once took a 10 minute nap before dinner, and I woke up feeling peachy-keen.


“When relatives say ‘sure looks like you’re having a lot of fun in college.’ Ya Tina I don’t post the pics of me crying in the library on Facebook.”

Everyone should just know by now that social media is not an accurate representation of anyone’s life.


“You shouldn’t be required to start a new semester until you’ve gotten over the emotional and psychological damage from the last one.”

I agree that the one week of spring break we get is not enough to recover from the emotional rollercoaster that is winter quarter.


“How did I survive 7 hours of high school a day when now I can barely make it through one 2 hour class.”

Those 2 hour classes kill me. Enough said.

And to conclude, the most relatable of them all —


Can’t spell college without a couple L’s.”

Speaks for itself.


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