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University admission rate drops to 4.3 percent for Class of 2022
(HANNAH RONCA/The Stanford Daily)

University admission rate drops to 4.3 percent for Class of 2022

Stanford announced on Friday the admission of 1,290 students to the Class of 2022. These students, joined by the 750 who were accepted under the restrictive early action program in December, make up a total of 2,040 total students admitted to the incoming class. At 4.3 percent, this year’s admission rate is the lowest in Stanford’s history, down from 4.65 percent last year.

The University received a total of 47,450 applications, topping last year’s number by over 3,000 applications as the largest in the school’s history.

“The incredible strength of the students applying to Stanford is simply awesome, and all candidates who applied will have wonderful choices in higher education,” said Richard Shaw, dean of admission and financial aid, in an interview with Stanford News.

This year’s proportion of accepted students who are the first in their families to attend a four-year college is up from last year as well, at 18.3 percent. Admits to the incoming class come from all 50 states, as well as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. International students from 63 countries represent 11.4 percent of the admitted class.

65 percent of admits expressed a primary interest in Humanities and Sciences Programs, while 30 percent leaned toward Engineering. 3.5 percent were interested in Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences, with the rest remaining undecided.

All admits will have until May 1 to accept the University’s offer.


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