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How to write a Grind article


Have you ever wondered how the Daily staff writes their articles for the Grind? Or have you never wondered that, but you already started reading this article so you might as well find out?

Well, if so, you’re in luck! The following ten steps outline my process for writing Grind articles … or expose my shameless procrastination (it’s open to interpretation.) But keep in mind that each of our lovely writers has their own unique method for crafting the sheer genius that is their articles, and the following steps by no means represent the entire Grind staff.

  1. When I can’t think of anything to write about (which is always) I talk to my dorm mates for inspiration. It’s not really plagiarism if they never wrote an article on it, right?
  2. Typically, if I still don’t have an idea, I frantically think of ideas to pitch on my bike ride over to the Grind meeting.
  3. If, okay fine, when I’m still stumped, I look at objects around the room during the meeting for inspiration. (See my intellectually stimulating article about buying winter coats, inspired by…drum roll please… the coat I was wearing! Yeah I know, ingenious.)
  4. If I still don’t have an idea, I look at the list of ideas I wrote before the first Grind meeting way back when I was an overachiever. Shoutout to September Phoebe, you’re a real G.
  5. If I still can’t think of anything to write, I’ll write an article about writing an article. 😉
  6. Once I have decided on a topic, I forget about the Daily until the day of my deadline.
  7. Since my deadline is on a Saturday night, I downloaded the Google Drive App, so I can edit (write) and submit articles on the go. (sorry Georgina)
  8. If I really can’t finish, I’ll ask for an extension.
  9. After submitting my article, I try not to look at it again because if I do, I will only notice the components that could be improved upon. However, now that I think about it, perhaps I would have more time to improve my articles if I stopped writing them the day that they are due … hmmm what an interesting thought.
  10. Rinse and repeat the process next week. The Grind never stops.

So if you have been considering writing an article for the Grind, but feel intimidated by writing the high caliber articles worthy of publication, follow my 10 simple steps to be a journalistic genius! Since I have been writing for the Grind for an entire quarter now, I am a certified expert on this topic. (I’m kidding, please please don’t take me seriously.)


Contact Phoebe Quinton at pquinton ‘at’ stanford.edu.