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Anti-Trump graffiti found in Wilbur

On the morning after the presidential election, Cole Holderman ’19 found large black graffiti letters spelling out expletives against President-elect Donald Trump on the ground outside of Wilbur Dining.

(COLE HOLDERMAN/The Stanford Daily)

(Courtesy of Cole Holderman)

The anxiety and anger following the presidential election had been physically expressed in multiple instances of graffiti around Wilbur, particularly concentrated near Soto, Trancos and Rinconada. Sites included both the ground outside the dorms and the walls surrounding dumpsters.

A contractor was hired to remove the graffiti on Wednesday morning, but faint letters remain visible and are still in the process of being removed. Graffiti has also been found near Serra.

Dan Holland ’19, a resident of Trancos, believed that the protestors should focus on fostering dialogue with people of different political views instead of vilifying them.

“By ostracizing the other side, it just makes the problem worse. I understand the frustration, and it’s justified frustration and anger and fear, but it’s really the same thing that Trump supporters were doing to us,” he said.

“This is what lost Clinton the campaign,” Holderman concurred. “People who think they are doing the right thing going out and bashing the candidate or bashing the support of the candidate without actually engaging them on policy.”

Apart from the graffiti incident, the widespread discontent on campus after the election has seen several student organizations offer healing spaces for the Stanford community.

Lizzie Rizcalla, a Wilbur Dining employee, thought that the action was inappropriate. At the same time, she expressed her displeasure with the election results and understood Clinton supporters’ impulse to protest.

“It’s a way to take out anger,” she said.


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  • John H. Gleason

    You think YOU’RE upset. Think of poor John Podesta and the MILLIONS of dollars that he will NOT be making in the next few months. Think of Bill and Hillary; they may have been hoping to quadruple their fortune in the next four years, and now those dreams are shattered.

  • Atlas_Shrugged

    The next few decades are going to be VERY, very painful for SJW’s.

  • matt10023

    And don’t forget how awful is is for Stanford students to have a
    cis-gendered, white, heterosexual and…. (gasp) … male president.

    Do you still wonder why there’s a backlash?

    When you spend years demonizing people for traits they were born with, you’re not going to get a lot of sympathy. Yes…. it’s now the SJW who are the bigots.

  • SVV

    Millennials throwing temper tantrums because Mommy didn’t give them what they wanted.