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A paper is worth a thousand pictures

I am a photographer; I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote in The Daily (it was probably a caption in 2013 or something). However, I do remember my first time in The Stanford Daily office – it was the Volume 242 fellows meeting, and I was a terrified, intimidated freshman who happened to like photography. Walking around the second floor of an office that wasn’t that much smaller than my entire high school, I found myself amongst a couple guys standing next to a “photo” sign. We talked cameras; I signed up for my eighty-seventh mailing list and left thinking nothing would happen.

Of course, it is only when nothing is supposed to happen that everything begins to happen. The first photo assignment I ever did was a couple days later. It was a women’s soccer game, and I was terrified. Somehow, I got through it, and once I started seeing my name in the paper, it became a drug.  Bolstered by the encouragement, I took more and more photos. Eventually, I ended up getting amazing opportunities as a Daily photographer, from being on the field at our second consecutive Rose Bowl game to seeing my name underneath a photo in The New York Times. My time here gave me so many opportunities that I just wouldn’t have gotten as a general Stanford student, and I was lucky enough to pick up friends along the way.

I’m not great with words. As a journalist, I chose the camera as my tool. But for The Daily, there really are no words to describe how amazing my time here has been, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.


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