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GSB student charged with DUI in freeway accident

Stanford Graduate School of Business student Zachary Katz was charged with driving under the influence early Saturday morning after being involved in a head-on collision on Highway 101.

Katz was allegedly driving under the influence in the wrong direction southbound on Highway 101 near Sierra Point Parkway, striking a taxicab head-on.

The passenger of the cab, 62-year-old Pedro Soldevila, was killed while the driver, 31-year-old Azmach Ejersa, suffered major injuries.

According to California Highway Patrol officer Mike Ferguson, the two people in the taxi “were not belted in.”

Katz has been charged with a DUI and will be booked into county jail after he is medically cleared.


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  • Andrew A.

    This is so sad. I thought Stanford Students should know better.

    Maybe Paul Clymer (politician) who said all new cars should have an ignition interlock was right. If cars could integrate the ignition interlock into a touch-sensor on a push-to-start button (so as to be non-intrusive), we’d save a lot of lives while being minimally annoying.