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Good Question: Musings on #whatshouldwecallme

When I shirk away from a problem set to sit in mindless bliss on my computer, Reddit and Imgur (Reddit minus words) are my go-to sites. (Not to mention Facebook, which is, regrettably, a given.) Few other things can capture my attention so addictively. As of late, however, some Tumblr accounts have been catching my eye. Texts From Bennett was, of course, a work of art, but the relatively recent #whatshouldwecallme page proves to be a sinkhole for productivity.

Little did I know my problem set would have to wait even longer, as Stanford spin-offs started popping up, most notably #whatshouldwecallstanford and #whatshouldstanfordcallme. These Tumblr pages have quickly developed a following within the Stanford community for their witty, Stanford-related humor.

Just like the original #whatshouldwecallme page, the spin-offs take GIFs (very short, looping, video-ish clips) from popular media and give them funny, clever captions that Stanford students can relate to. They emphasize the idea of what students are really  thinking in the context of day-to-day campus life. For instance, they provide a realistic depiction of students’ reactions to certain events, whether going to Late Nite, attempting to study or coping with the long walk to KA down Scary Path. A textual description does little justice to the full package of caption and GIF, so I highly recommend checking the pages out.

The real question, however, is: Who’s behind it all? Rumors are circulating that someone in the Greek community is regulating the #whatshouldstanfordcallme page, given its sorority references. But who’s to say? There are a number of brilliantly funny Stanford students capable of such a feat. Perhaps a merry band of pranksters is up to the task. We can only hope the ingenuity and simplistic style are left intact, because really, why ruin a good thing?