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ASSU senators may urge Etchemendy to support Fadi Quran

Correction: The original version of this article misspelled the name of ASSU Senator Samar Alqatari ’14.


ASSU Undergraduate Senators drafted a resolution Sunday calling for Provost and Acting President John Etchemendy Ph.D. ’82 to issue a public statement in support of fair legal treatment and the immediate release of Fadi Quran ’10.


Quran, a Stanford alumnus, was arrested by Israeli authorities last Friday while demonstrating in Hebron, West Bank.


In addition to two other students, four ASSU officials attended the meeting: the co-authors of the resolution, Senators Samar Alqatari ’14 and Janani Ramachandran ’14, were joined by ASSU President Michael Cruz ’12 and Senator Alon Elhanan ’14.


The representatives discussed the importance of ensuring the bill’s accordance with Article 1. Section 5.B of the ASSU Constitution, which requires that all ASSU bills only concern matters that directly affect Stanford students.


“We should make it very clear that this is not a statement on anything more broadly,” Cruz said of the resolution’s scope. “This is a statement on this case, this situation…The narrowing of this bill has to be very clear.”


The senators argued that the issue directly affects Stanford students because of the “emotionally distressing” footage of Quran’s arrest and his close associations with many current students. They cited the outpouring of support and outrage following Quran’s incarceration – including multiple petitions, one of which gained more than 1,000 signatures by the time of the meeting – as evidence of the importance of the issue to students and faculty.


Still, both Cruz and Elhanan were concerned about the bill being “a stretch” and encouraged the authors to use narrow and specific wording.


“Since he’s no longer a Stanford student, that clause doesn’t affect him,” Cruz said. “The clause…applies to current Stanford students who are experiencing emotional distress, pain, etc.”


There was also some debate about whether the bill should urge Etchemendy to support Quran’s “immediate release” versus his “fair trial.” While Elhanan said that he thought the recommendation was making an overreaching assumption that Quran will have an unfair trial, Alqatari said she thought that calling for his release would show absolute solidarity and reflect what she sees as the majority campus opinion that, regardless of the result of his trial, Quran was detained unjustly.


“I think it is a lot better than it could have been,” Elhanan said about the bill. “I’m not saying I’ll vote for it, but I’m really glad to be part of the discussion, and I appreciate the opportunity to raise my concerns.”


According to Israeli law, Quran’s trial must occur within 48 hours of his arrest because he is being tried in military court. Ramachandran said the senators will present the re-worded bill at Tuesday’s Senate meeting regardless of whether Quran has been tried or released.


— Julia Enthoven


  • Anonymous

    There have been many Stanford alums who have gone through tough times.  The Daily news articles on this one person are way, way, way out of proportion.  Why not all this reporting on all the other alums who have suffered through hardship? 

  • baker

    I am certain that the next time a high-profile Stanford alum is held as a political prisoner by a foreign government, the Daily will report it.

  • Where’s the spine?

    “We should make it very clear that this is not a statement on anything more broadly.”  Michael Cruz, a real profile in courage.  Let’s not try too hard to think about the circumstances in which Fadi got arrested, or how America is contributing to those.  Better to bury our heads in the sand.  What a politician.

  • voice of reason

    A Stanford University alum being slated to undergo trial for allegedly pushing/threatening an on-duty Israeli soldier – should absolutely have no bearing on the current Stanford administration or its policies. In my opinion, it would be highly irregular and inappropriate for Provost and Acting President John Etchemendy  to issue a public statement on this matter. Should he do so…I can think of much better places to put my annual donations to Stanford’s Undergraduate Fund.

  • No Fair Israeli Trial

    “Elhanan said that he thought the recommendation was making an overreaching assumption that Quran will have an unfair trial.”
    Question for Elhanan: if the Israeli security services present a secret file to the court, to which Fadi’s defense has no access, and that is used as the means for determining his guilt, does that sound like a fair trial to you?

    Another question for Elhanan: does the Israeli government have a history of treating Palestinians fairly in court?

    Perhaps he should consider the answer to those questions before making ignorant statements like the one in this article, otherwise he reveals himself as a blatant apologist for Israeli oppression.

  • Guest

    Well you might as well take your money elsewhere now… Etch has made statements in the past on international matters.  Here’s one he signed: http://www.n-va.be/files/default/generated/blikvanger/endorsers_basque_peacestatement.pdf

  • Michael Cruz

    From Michael Cruz: As is always necessary when reporting on an issue, there is more context and conversation than can be adequately reflected in any quote. I’m more than happy to discuss my views on these issues, and I can be reached at mecruz@stanford.edu.

  • Dan

    Fadi may be innocent (or not) and I hope he is treated fairly, but frankly, its a little arrogant for Stanford students to think they either know or have the right to pass judgment… especially BEFORE a trial has happened, (if Fadi is not released first).  Is it too much to expect that they wait for the facts?

    What is more troubling than Fadi’s arrest, is the release of known murderers based on hostage taking by the PLO and Hamas, specifically Gilad Schalit.  I worry more about babies dying in terror attacks in Tel Aviv or Buenos Aires because of Palestinian Arab terrorists unjustly released, albeit to save Gilad’s life– that is an undeniable contravention of justice, for the families of those killed.

  • Anonymous

    Israel has proven itself to be a violently racist state.
    ASSU must demand total boycott against Israel.

    Of course, it’s good that ASSU will defend Fadi, But they have to go much further. Stanford hates racism and won’t tolerate it… right or wrong?

  • Sam1am

    to guest – your reasoning is like discussing last year snow relation to this year skiing season….grow up kiddo

  • Sam1am

    To conerned Stanford students – wow, it looks as you have too much time and money on your hands to address a non-life threatening issue in Hebron….Yet  are not concern about the mass killings that are going on in Darfur and Syria….Oops, I got it, it does not involve the poor palestinians or it does not lead to vilifying Israel…. only such matters are of grave concern to hypocrites and morally bankrupted rich students….LMAO

  • Mark Richey

    Tell us about all the hardship and we’ll deal with it

  • Mark Richey

    Zionists like Sambo are trained to change the subject, because they can’t openly defend Israeli injustice.

  • Mark Richey
  • Stanford11

    Fadi went to trial and it was unfair. There were apparently “confidential pieces of evidence” presented to the judge but not to Fadi or his defense and he is back in jail, awaiting retrial. 
    I thought the videos spoke for themselves, but I guess not.

  • Stanford11

    To concerned Sam1am…. don’t project your vision of this campus on us when you apparently have never been here. We can because we knew Fadi. He grew up in the West Bank without running water, let alone extra cash for self-indulgent clubs. He used to bring back pictures, except the time all his photography stuff was confiscated by Israeli police. He was humble, empathetic, and had a hand in many of the pro-human rights groups on campus (which include, it should be mentioned, a billion groups that each focus on a country. name a country in Latin America or Africa and there is a bunch of Stanford kids on it). 

  • Sam1am

    sanford11 – you
    can take your rants and cries, but I am not impressed with your story…. I
    grew up in Damascus Syria and as a Jew was treated as a third class
    citizens…. Thousands of people are being massacred there but you care less
    about them because it is not done by Israel and you cannot blame them and make
    hey out of it…. Yours and your friends’ conditions in the West Bank is NOT different
    then those of millions Arabs living in Syria, Jordan or Egypt— IT IS the
    FAULT of your corrupt leaders  NOT Israel
    or the IDF…  Your friend Fadi would
    have been dead if he was protesting in Egypt or Syria….   I still remember the over 50,000 palestinians
    killed by Jordan in the Seventies when they tries to fight King Hussein’s rule….

    Please keep
    your crocodile tears and fairytale to Stanford’s naive students, not to me, I
    live in the Bay Area for over 40 years and know well both Stanford and Berkeley
    campuses and have many friends and faculty friends in both places.

    I am not
    impressed with your story, or (Kalam) Fadi’s story…. most palestinians
    claiming to be non-violent are NOT, they just throw ROCKS AND BRICKS, not using
    gun……  but these items killed many
    Israelis in Israel and the West Bank, and sent my friend to the hospital upon
    our visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem five years ago….  The palis were just protesting quietly from
    the Temple mount looking down at us and by chance ROCK FELL FROM THE SKY……   Go fly a kite and tell your story to kindergarten
    kids….. and by the way Fadi was release after posting bail, like in any
    civilized country, while the Americans protesters in Cairo are still in jail
    after 4 weeks……

  • Sam1am

    mark richey – and bigot like you can only call people names because you are too ignorant to address the issue and knows nothing about Israel of its history….. go do something more productive, like sucking your thumb.

  • Sam1am

    stanford11 – your legal opinion or moral view is good as the next camel…..  Fadi broke the law and will get the appropriate treatment he deserves, and if he does not like it, he should not play with fire and instead of protesting visit quietly his parents.

  • Sam1am

    Boy-Apt – and you know all that becasue you think it with your xxxxx?……  very nice bigot hypocrite, what do you know about Racism….. when was the last time that you were required to live in a Ghetto and walk on one side of the street and pay servitude fees to the Muslim lord…..

  • Sam1am

    V-O-R – well said, you are realy a voice of reason.

  • Sam1am

    cardcounter – becasue he is palestinians and all the leftist bleeding heart progressive in the Bayarea and Campuses are suckers to the Pallywood propaganda financed by $1.5 BILLION of Saudi money….. including Stanford…..