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Vaid-Menon v. Cardona trial to take place this evening

Constitutional Case Vaid-Menon v. Cardona will take place tonight in Kehillah Hall, which is located on the second floor of Koret Pavilion, behind Hillel House, at 8 p.m.

The case was brought last week against a bill passed by the ASSU to place an “advisory referendum” question on the spring general elections ballot to gauge student support for ROTC.

Alok Vaid-Menon ’13, president of Stanford Students for Queer Liberation (SSQL), filed a petition for the case last Sunday, claiming that the measure is in violation of the ASSU non-discrimination policy, and by extension, the University’s policy as well.

Both Vaid-Menon and ASSU President Angelina Cardona will have the opportunity to use the solicitors general in representing their respective sides.

According to Constitutional Council Chair Samir Siddhanti, there will be time at the conclusion of the trial for friends of the court–any member with ASSU standing–to offer opinions. The trial is open to the public. As per the Rules of Order, a decision will be made within three days of the hearing.

– Kate Abbott

  • Lagunita salamander

    how unbelievably pretentious

  • Thoughts..

    If it’s true that you shouldn’t vote on civil right’s issues, then you shouldn’t (even though that’s technically not what would be done). If it is a civil right’s issue, then we should correct the problem. What is the problem?

    SSQL is anti military and anti ROTC. They are anti-mongers. Please forgive the made up word. They want greater civil right’s at a national level AT THE EXPENSE of ROTC cadets at Stanford.

    ROTC is a student group which does pre-professional training that involves a high potential sacrifice of both time and life. They want to train to become officers to fight in our nation’s wars, and enable all individuals, including those in SSQL, to protest their efforts. Note that their existence (ROTC) impacts in no way whatsoever SSQL.

    Which group here is the one greater harmed? Why is SSQL allowed to parade in such a manner?

  • Irony

    SSQL reminds me of the Westboro Baptist Church.

  • LT


    SSQL is not opposed to ROTC because it is anti-war. SSQL opposes the reinstatement of ROTC on campus because it violates the fundamental standards of our non-discrimination policy. They believe that Stanford shouldn’t endorse a group that discriminates against students that the University has promised to protect.

  • @Irony

    …except that they don’t go around spouting extremely offensive statements like “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.”

    you have to be an idiot to see any parallel between the two.

  • Robin Thomas

    @LT: I’m not sure you’re right about that. At the ROTC town hall meeting a few weeks ago, Vaid-Menon was asked whether SSQL would still be opposed to ROTC if transgendered people were allowed to commission into the military. After being re-asked the question two times, he said that SSQL would still continue to oppose ROTC. Therefore, I do think the group is anti-war.

  • Robin Thomas

    Actually, I’ll correct my diction there. I’m anti-war too. I don’t personally know anyone who’s pro-war. Who actually likes war? It’s like how those who oppose legalized abortions are “pro-life”, meaning everyone else is, what, pro-death?

    So “anti-war” isn’t the best word. I guess “anti-military” is more accurate?

    Meaning that last sentence should be, “Therefore, I do think the group is anti-military.”

  • Sam King

    @Robin Thomas

    I don’t think that SSQL was against the military’s actions in response to the Haiti earthquake, so I wouldn’t characterize them as anti military. Military doesn’t have to mean war fighting. Look at New Zealand’s military or read Captain Paul Chappell’s book, “Will War Ever End?”

    That said, just like it’s possible to dislike your parent’s beans while still thinking that FloMo’s lentils are delicious, I don’t think that disliking a few facets of the US military means they’re anti-military. SSQL is against discrimination in all forms, and if SSQL is opposed to the military, it might be because they believe that the military has other discriminatory practices.

    Regardless, I find that it’s a lot easier to criticize people that I don’t know than ones that I do. Have you sat down with Alok and had a conversation with him?

  • wow

    Soooo pretentious…come on guys its just a stupid issue that no one gives a shit about

  • @wow

    Is that a joke? Anyone who has anything invested in either the ROTC or the SSQL cares about it, not to mention all the other people on campus who find it an interesting issue.

  • Mark

    Sooo does anyone know what happened during the hearing?

  • @Mark

    Yeah, insecure people were annoying and everyone else was pretentious. Actually, everyone was pretentious.

  • Mark

    Oh, so business as usual then. 🙂