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The Greatest Discussion Forum At Stanford

…aside from the Diaspora, anyway.

You’re reading this post. It’s buried inconspicuously in one of the more obscure regions of the Daily’s website along with the other Daily Banter posts. Since you went to all the trouble to get here, that probably means you’re already aware of the fantastic conversations that happen in the “comments” on Daily articles.

But just in case: you see that line of red text below this article that says “Click here to see the comments or add a new comment?” That’s where the action go down.

The articles themselves are all very well, but if you really want to get your fingers on the Stanford pulse, see how people respond to them.

Some great discussions:




Leave a comment on this one. I dare you!

  • done.

    Oh Robin, how is anyone at Stanford going to manage to talk to each other when you leave us? (not kidding)

  • Stanford graduate murdered by Department Of Justice personnel:


  • Friend Howdy

    Bookstore is cutting benefits, firing experienced workers and saying to all to help the students- To: All Associates
    From:Bob Scholl, Sr. Vice President, Retail Operations
    Subject:A Message from Bob Scholl

    Earlier today, managers across many of our stores took a series of
    difficult actions tied to an important Follett initiative. These actions
    were necessary to not only improve the experience of our customers, but
    also to allow Follett to continue to grow and invest in the future.

    In order to deliver the hassle-free shopping experience that our
    customers expect, we are adjusting our store staffing model to put more
    hours on the sales floor whenever students are shopping most. This
    involves shifting our ratio of full-time hourly and part-time store
    positions, and following scheduling practices to ensure our stores are
    always staffed at the busiest times.

    This shift gives us more scheduling flexibility each day, week and year.
    The result will be more customer-facing labor hours in our campus
    stores, generating more selling opportunities with increased customer

    While this is the right decision for our business and our customers,
    there’s no doubt it will impact the associates in positions we are
    converting. We have provided as much support as possible to help
    associates affected by this transition, including encouraging them to
    apply for the new part-time positions. (The majority of the hours will
    be placed back on the sales floor in new part-time roles.) These
    associates will receive a cash severance based on the length of their
    service, whether they take a part-time position or not. In addition,
    associates choosing not to stay with Follett will receive outplacement
    assistance and counseling.

    Putting this flexible scheduling approach in place over the coming weeks
    is a critical part of creating new customer relationships and repeat
    business. It’s also a part of Follett’s much broader and comprehensive
    transformation, which is reflected in the fact that we’ve invested more
    than $200 million in technology, distribution, digital content and
    ecommerce over the last three years alone.

    These investments are creating more efficiency at the store level,
    allowing us to deliver even more hours of store service and support when
    students and faculty expect it. Follett will continue to invest and
    grow our campus store locations because we understand the enduring value
    our stores have to the campus communities they serve.

    Your support during this important time is very much appreciated. If you
    have any questions, please contact your manager.

    As always – thanks for everything you do, thanks for living the Follett
    Values and most importantly, thanks for continuing to take care of