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Info session kicks off election season

The ASSU Elections Commission held an information session in the Nitery Tuesday evening about the upcoming spring elections. The session aimed to encourage students to seek ASSU positions and explain the campaign process to potential candidates.

Of the approximately 25 undergraduates present, most were freshmen who, when asked, raised their hands to acknowledge they had participated in student government in high school.

ASSU Executive Angelina Cardona ’11 described her position as two-fold, requiring her to represent students both to the Stanford administration and to the outside community.

Senate Chair Michael Cruz ’12 said that the ASSU Undergraduate Senate pursues many “advocacy” projects and “also fund[s] most student groups on campus.”

The information session also focused on non-elected positions, including the Executive Cabinet and the Nominations Commission.

“I wasn’t aware of how many positions there were available,” said Colin Le ’14, a freshman who is interested in running as part of a slate for sophomore class president.

Senate Associates Janani Ramachandran ’14 and Alex Kindel ’14 both expressed interest in running for Senate this spring, citing their positive experiences as Senate Associates.

During the ensuing breakout session, junior class president Cody Sam ’12 reminded students of common pitfalls of campaigning and urged them to define their roles with co-candidates well before the election.

Declarations of intent by candidates for elected positions are open Feb. 11 and close Mar. 4. Petitions to be on the ballot are due Mar. 4.

-Margaret Rawson

Correction: In an earlier version of this article, The Daily incorrectly reported that declarations of intent and ballot petitions are due Feb. 12 and Mar. 12, respectively. The actual deadlines are now included.

  • Stephen Trusheim

    Date correction: Declarations of Intent OPEN on Friday, Feb 11, and close on March 4. Petitions to appear on the ballot are also due March 4. Dates and more information are available on the Commission’s website, http://elections.stanford.edu.

    – Stephen Trusheim
    ASSU Elections Commissioner ’10-11