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Condoleezza Rice said it best: immigration reform is about the “national soul”. Call to help pass the DREAM Act!


As I wrote about in this week’s column, the DREAM Act is being pushed for a vote these few days in Congress. Harry Reid has been floating different versions of the bill in the Senate, hoping to get it passed during the lame duck session before Republicans take over the House in January.


The media would have us think that the issue of immigration reform naturally pins Republicans against Democrats. But this is not so. Not only did The Economist (which leans Republican on most economic issues) endorse the DREAM Act (along with The New York Times and Stanford President John Hennessy), but former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice argued passionately for comprehensive immigration reform in her very first public appearance at Stanford last year, calling the failure to pass immigration reform one of her “biggest regrets” and describing the issue as closely related to our “national soul”:



The DREAM Act, which offers a 6-year pathway to citizenship for college students and military service members who were brought to the U.S. as children, is closely tied to American identity. It is about giving young people who are here through no fault of their own a chance to reach for their dreams. They are Americans in spirit already; this law is about rectifying the unjust situation they face. We have a handful of days to do it.


It’s quick and easy, here’s what YOU can do: Call 1-866-587-3023 and request to be connected to the representatives listed below who are currently either in opposition or on the fence. When you get transferred to them, simply state that you are calling in support of the DREAM Act. That’s it and you can hang up! Even a few calls will make a difference, and be sure to call your own representative if he or she is on the list. Let’s pass the DREAM Act!


Senate Democrats: Conrad (ND), Dorgan (ND), McCaskill (MO), Webb (VA), Warner (VA), Landrieu (LA), Pryor (AR), Tester (MT), Hagan (NC)


Senate Republicans: Murkowski (AK), Hutchison (TX), Brownback (KS), Kirk (IL), Bennett (UT), Voinovich (OH), Snowe (ME), Collins (ME), Lemieux (FL), Lugar (IN), Bunning (KY)


Representatives: Kirkpatrick (AZ),  Berry (AR),  Ross (AR),  Cardoza (CA),  Dreier (CA),  Costa (CA),  Klein (FL),  Kosmas (FL),  Putnam (FL),  Barrow (GA),  Marshall (GA),  Bishop (GA),  Scott (GA),  Bean (IL),  Halvorson (IL),  Hill (IN),  Visclosky (IN),  Chandler (KY),  Michaud (ME),  Kratovil (MD),  Dingell (MI),  Schauer (MI),  Kildee (MI),  Peters (MI),  McCollum (MN),  Oberstar (MN),  Peterson (MN),  Walz (MN),  Adler (NJ),  Murphy (NY),  Slaughter (NY),  Arcuri (NY),  Higgins (NY),  Hall (NY),  Lee (NY),  Owens (NY),  Kissell (NC),  Boccieri (OH),  Wilson (OH),  Holden (PA),  Dahlkemper (PA),  Gordon (TN),  Tanner (TN),  Cooper (TN),  Boucher (VA),  Nye (VA)

  • Janet Liu

    Now that unemployment shot up this month, there is absolutely no way the Congress is going to use the lame duck session to legalize a bunch of people who will be competing with legal Americans for jobs. DREAM is dead, kids. Hopefully most of you were able to be part of the hunger strike and reduce your degree of overweight by at least a little bit (even if you cheated a bit on the strike).

    Talk around it however you want, DREAM is a reward for lawbreakers (the parents). Let’s ask this question: wouldn’t the parents who broke the law feel great elation if DREAM were passed? Yes of course. THey would be rewarded. US has no interest in rewarding lawbreakers.

    And most of these DREAMers are not majoring in biochem or computer science or something useful like that–they are pretty lightweight little scholars, let’s face it.

  • Juany Torres

    I love this! Thank you so much for your honest and inspiring information Aysha!

  • Alex Salgado

    To Janet Liu,

    It is very unfortunate to know that such obnoxiously ignorant people attend our school. If you wanted to argue that passage of the DREAM Act would incentivize undocumented immigration and perhaps incur further costs on tax payers (which information, by the way, has proven to be incorrect by academic research and even the Congressional Budget Office), I would have accepted your argument as legitimate. But what you have stated is demeaning to the work of hard working students and is simply disgusting. How may I ask do you know what these DREAMers are majoring in? Most of the DREAMers that I know (and given your sheer apathy for the human struggle, it is clear that I probably know a lot more of them that you do) are currently studying engineering and the natural sciences. (And thanks for calling all of us non-techies “lightweight little scholars”). Many of these students have worked just as hard as you, many even harder, to attain success. All you have to confront to be successful is yourself (and perhaps institutional discrimination against women of color–dont worry I’m on the same boat). These students (and soldiers) have to confront something that was never a choice and will likely be the biggest impediment to their success–their undocumented status.

    …And on a side note, the US clearly has an interest in rewarding “lawbrakers” or we would never have an undocumented immigrant problem to begin with. Big business is making billions off of these immigrants’ low-wage labor, and getting away with it pretty effectively. Undocumented immigration is incentivized because we offer these immigrants jobs. We need them to keep our economy going in many sectors and that is why the US has failed to produce an immigration system that is truly effective. So your argument there is just not historically true.


  • Ironweed

    To Janet Liu,

    It is very unfortunate to know that such obnoxiously ignorant people attend our school…. And on a side note, the US clearly has an interest in rewarding “lawbrakers” or we would never have an undocumented immigrant problem to begin with.

    What school is that you attend? You are not making any sense whatsoever here. You really think… Oh, never mind. The Dream Act is DOA.